How often do you find you and your team brainstorming in front of a single computer screen?
While there's nothing wrong with trying to save time or paper, we forget that being tied to a computer screen can prematurely force us to think "inside the box”:

- Writing down ideas one by one on a computer screen can stifle creative thoughts, or force people to filter their ideas before expressing them. If one person is explaining their idea, and another is entering it into the computer, anyone else in the room is not involved in the creative process.

- The workspace for the entire room is reduced to the size of a single computer screen, while the whole team sits idly by, waiting for their turn to input their ideas.

There is a solution: Use the structured brainstorming Handbook! 

Expressing ideas in a tangible way will help others to come up with a basis for their creative input, or help them to refine their own ideas. Everyone can write down their thoughts immediately, instead of having to wait for one person to type in everything. The best ideas come out when you let your mind run free during a brainstorming session instead of trying to confine it within a single screen.

Save time and prevent sidetracking using the brainstorming process from ITS: “Structured Brainstorming”.

It may take a few more minutes to convert your final solution into an excel document, but being able to see the ideas on paper, physically move them into different categories, and then take a step back to look at the entire solution, are all invaluable steps in the creative process.

The quality of the ideas will make the extra time and resources worth it.


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