There's no worse feeling than being stuck working with a company that actually discourages new ideas and initiative. But no organization starts out wanting to fail. 
So where do the problems originate? 
Correctly diagnosing these problems and their origins is the first step toward engaging in a solution. The trick lies in knowing how to present the answers to the group.
Over the last 15 years, researchers have found that the world's most innovative and successful multinational companies all share common core practices. The result of this research is a white paper entitled, "Understanding TAGA: Forces that Obstruct and Promote Innovation." 


The paper seeks to achieve three things:

1. To help you to identify the influences that obstruct innovative ideas, whether those forces are at work within a group or individual.

2. To show you how to manage those influences out of the organization.

3. To help you to develop foresight to anticipate those influences before they develop.

The authors of the paper have shed new light on Japanese culture and its role at the heart of successful business practices. The reader is thoroughly engaged in dissecting the management practices of the most successful Japanese companies.

Understanding “TAGA”

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